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TVR No 2

© George Carter 2004


TVR1After founding Trevcar Motors in 1947, Trevor Wilkinson initially focussed on repairing old military trucks and fairground rides, but always held the passion that he wanted to design and build his own car.  He realised his ambition two years later when in 1949 he built TVR No 1 (right) using a multi-tubular chassis (like all modern TVRs), Morris 8 mechanicals and a Ford 100E engine to which he added his owndesign metal bodyshell. This car sadly no longer exists as it was damaged in an accident and was subsequently broken up to build TVR No 3. 


However, its successor, TVR No 2, whichis virtually identical to 1 and 3 still does exists and is the oldest surviving TVR.

Also built in 1949, this car is a development of the original in which Trevor refined a number of minor points including a larger radiator for improved engine cooling and the introduction of hub caps!  Aviation enthusiasts may recognise the rev counter – it originates from a Supermarine Spitfire! The car raced in the 1172 Formula in the mid 1960s at circuits such as Croft, Oulton and Aintree.


No 2Currently owned by TVRCC members Richard Wright, No 2 has been in the Wright family for over 50 years and was fully restored to its present condition by Richard in time for the Golden Anniversary celebrations in 1997 when it was reunited for the first time with Trevor since the early 1950s. It appeared as the star of the TVRCC stand at the NEC Classic Motor Show in 2007. 

Trevor helped Richard with the restoration sending correspondence from his then home on the Spanish island of Menorca and even made the front badge by hand when the car was finished.

© Ralph Dodds 2011Richard told the TVRCC:

"During these discussions, it came to light that certain parts from No1 (which Trevor cut up) were actually used in No2. In the future we intend to race the car at classic events and interest in this has also been expressed by parties abroad".


TVR No 2 is currently (2011) loaned to the Lakeland Motor Museum in Backbarrow, close to the southern tip of Lake Windermere.


The Lakeland Motor Museum offers 10% discount on entry prices to TVRCC members on production of a valid TVRCC membership card. This offer officially applies only to the adult and child rates, but not to the family ticket which is already heavily discounted.  However, discount on the family ticket was being offered at the reception desk in August 2011.



© Andrew James 2011


© Andrew James 2011

© Ralph Dodds 2011


© Ralph Dodds 2011
© Fiona Dodds 2011
© Ralph Dodds 2011






Ford E93A side valve with twin S.U. carbs

Capacity (cc)



Around 90bhp




Around 90mph

Suspension &


Fully independent front and rear suspension with drum brakes all round

Wheels and Tyres

24" Avon


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