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TVRCC launch New Sprint Championship for 2013
(Posted on 02/11/2012)
At TVRCC Motorsport HQ we believe that sprint and hillclimb events are all about today - today's entrants, today's conditions, who is the best driver today. We do not refer to past events, best times, course records etc. We allocate each car a handicap rating based upon power / weight / tyres and that value is fixed until the spec of the car changes. This system has been tuned over the last 12 years and has produced exciting championships and close results for the TVRCC Speed Championship.

In 2013 the TVRCC is sponsoring a similar, algorithm based handicap series for owners of classic British sports cars who wish to compete against their peer group on equal terms. The name of this new championship is the TVRCC Classic Marques Handicap Challenge. Invitions are extended to owners of British rear wheel drive sports cars made by Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Ginetta, Lotus, Marcos, MG, Morgan, Reliant, Triumph, and TVR. Other manufacturers may be added in due course.

This new series IS NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE any existing speed championship - its purpose is to add another dimension to existing speed championships by showing how well competitors from different series are really doing against each other (having levelled out power, weight and tyre advantages).

Classes are virtual and will not appear at any event - entrants will continue to run in their own championships or classes. Times will be extracted from each event to formulate positions and points. At the end of the year the championship contenders' best 8 events will decide the final championship placings, awards and prizes - there is no minimum number of events that must be entered. The new leaderboard will usually be published on the first business day after the event.

The regulations and events calendar for the 2013 series will soon be available to download from the website and will also be available on a dedicated Classic Marques Championship website. More news on this exciting new series during the coming weeks as details are finalised.

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