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TVRCC Regions - Northern Ireland

Details not up to date?
Regional Organisers - if your region details are incorrect, please use our Region Details Change form to send your details to the RO Co-ordinator. These details will then be forwarded to the webmaster, TVRCC office and Sprint Magazine.


Many members attend the meetings for more than one region so we have also listed:
Regional Meetings by Day of month


You can print out all the details for all regions by clicking the following link: Contact directory for all regions


North Cumbria and the Borders

Photo of meeting venue Meeting Time & Venue:
2nd Sunday of the month at 1pm
Gables Hotel
2nd Sunday of the month
The Gables Hotel
Gretna - DG16 5DQ

Location Map of Venue
Venue website

Postcodes covered by this region:
CA, DG, KA, ML and TD.

Region website:

Region forum:
North Cumbria and the Borders Forum


Photo of RO RO Contact Details:
RO Colin Muir Dep Gordon Carrick
Tel: CM : 07734 476055 GC: 01768 899459
Forum username: CM: Colin Muir GC: gordon carrick
RO since: October 2011

South Cumbria

Photo of meeting venue Meeting Time & Venue:
Last Sunday of the month at 11.00 usually but please check for Forum Activity
The Crooklands Hotel
Nr. Kendal

Location Map of Venue
Venue website

Region website:

Region forum:
South Cumbria Forum


Photo of RO RO Contact Details:
RO position vancant, your region needs you
Tel: 01952 822126 TVRCC Office ask for Linda

Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire

Photo of meeting venue Meeting Time & Venue:
2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm
The Antrobus Arms
Warrington Road
Antrobus, Northwich
CW9 6JD to book call 01606 891333

Venue website

Region website:


Photo of RO RO Contact Details:
Primary David Wilkins
Tel: DW 07954 580688
Mobile: Deputy required contact Dave for details
Forum username: DW= Dave W
RO since: DW 2012
RO: Dave Wilkins: I was brought up with cars due to them being my Father’s passion. He was an engineer in REME during the Second World War maintaining vehicles and planes in India and Burma. After the war he joined the family baking business looking after the various delivery vehicles including Jowett and Bradford vans. He had a very early Morgan 4/4 probably Climax engined but this was changed for a Wolseley 10 when I came along! Some of my earliest memories are of ‘helping’ him change tyres and replace brake linings and going to Belle Vue in Manchester to watch the ‘Stock Car’ racing which he had a go at for a little while. Unfortunately when I was 9 he was killed in a Wolseley 4/44 in a head-on collision with a drunken driver.

It was 10 years later before my interest in cars was rekindled when, old enough to drive, my best mate (and subsequently ‘Best Man’) and me decided to swap pedal-power for horse-power, of the petrol variety of course! Being mates we decided that we would both get Mk1 Sprites and spent much time modifying and refurbishing them and we were hooked. My mate still has his ‘Frogeye’. After fighting the rust worm that kept eating away at the Sprite I decided that the future lay in glass-fibre and bought a Climax-engined Lotus Elite (wish I still had that!!). A couple of Lotus Elans followed and then a Scimitar GTE when the family came along. This heralded a period in the wilderness of financial pressures, home, family and company cars until the children left home.

Following redundancy I became a self-employed consultant and being fortunate to find full-time work quite quickly the remainder of my redundancy pay-off was burning a hole in my pocket. I was still a sports car and glass-fibre fan preferring nuts and bolts to welding and filler and so the obvious choices were alphabetically Lotus, Marcos and TVR. I felt that I’d really done with Lotus and was considering a Marcos until I tried a Chimaera, I was hooked. A beautiful Toucan yellow 500 with dark blue hood and upholstery caught my eye and a deal was soon done!

The previous practice of fettling and updating soon came into play and then a track day at Oulton Park brought about the realisation that there was another itch to be scratched. I thought that a little bit of competitive activity might be good and so I entered the world of sprints and hillclimbs with the TVR Sprint Championship in which I continue to compete and enjoy. Regular competition has meant that the Chimaera has gradually become more and more tuned to sprinting and hillclimbing, and less to touring, as well as picking up a few scrapes!

Once bitten the bug bites deep and it seems that what many TVR owners want once they have a TVR is another one, and I am no different! As intimated above the Chimaera was gradually moving towards being a track car and a Cerbera had appealed for a while so in 2009 a 1999 Sage Green ‘Speed 6’ was added to the stable. This is pampered and kept for ‘high days and holidays’ and is a very different driving experience to the Chimaera!

I have been a member of TVRCC since first acquiring the Chimaera in 2003 and attended many meetings and events both regionally and nationally over the years and admired the effort which many members put into serving the Club on a regular basis. Having taken advantage of other peoples’ efforts I thought it time that I gave something in return which resulted in me becoming RO for the region with the longest name in the Club!


Photo of meeting venue Meeting Time & Venue:
1st Wednesday of the month at 7.15pm onwards for those eating
Rigbye Arms
High Moor Lane
Nr Wrightington

Location Map of Venue
Venue website

Region website:

Region forum:
Lancashire Forum


Photo of RO RO Contact Details:
Primary Steve Johnson Secondary Allan Humphreys
Tel: SJ= 01704877735 AH= 01282 773098
Forum username: SJ= SteveJ AH= K6GRF
RO since: SJ June 09 AH Sept 09
Primary RO: Steve Johnson First of all I have a confession! Much to the amusement of my wife Sue, I used to be one of those guys who on seeing a TVR, opened my window to listen to that wonderful growl. This obsession eventually paid off on a special birthday (50 years young) when my family hired me a TVR Chimaera for the day. As you will all understand, my next thoughts and discussions turned to how can I afford one. I bought my first TVR in 2004 after joining the Lancashire Region and receiving expert help from Rob Ingleby to find a 4.0 Chimaera in red with cream interior. This was a great car for the two years that I owned it before trading it in with Ceiceley Continential in 2006 and buying my current Mark 1 Tuscan, once again in red with cream interior (think there’s a trend developing here). Anyone selling a Mark 2 Tuscan in red with cream interior! (only joking Sue). Now you would think that being the proud owner of such a great car would be enough, but the other thing that came with buying a TVR was the great social life that now goes with being in the TVR fraternity. Sue and I have made some great new friends and have also enjoyed some superb trips including a visit to the Champagne region, a tour of Ireland were we were joined for part of our trip and lots of beer and wine by Jerry and Jackie and other members from the region, along with a recent tour of Scotland where we were followed by Ian Jones’s rain cloud everywhere. In addition there are a number of Lanc’s members who spend a lot of there own time organising events such as our annual weekend away in the Lakes which concludes with the presentation of the World Famous, TVR, Lancashire Region Oscars. These are awarded for various things such as “The Protect the Environment Oscar” awarded to a Member (identity withheld) who eventually saw the funny side of putting Diesel into his Griff and the “Shammy Oscar” awarded to a member who actually dried his TVR five times in between rain showers at the Tatton Classic Car Show. Also during the five years of owning a TVR Sue and I have attended a number of the national events including Back Home and Rockingham. My wonderful wife (just had a new clutch in the Tuscan so need some brownie points) and I have been together for the last twenty years and between us have six grown up children and four grandsons so if you add the commitment to our family and our involvement with our TVR friends we enjoy quiet a busy social life on top of my professional career as a company director. Therefore you would wonder why such a busy guy would take on the role of regional organiser. Well, this became a relative easy decision after a lot of “encouragement” by a large proportion of the Lanc’s members when our stand in RO, Richard Sails, had to go off to Oz to work for 3 to 4 months as this meant attending monthly meetings with no RO. In addition to me taking up the RO role I am pleased that Alan Humphreys a long standing member with the Lancs region has agreed to be Assistant RO.and on the basis that the Lanc’s Region has always had a large interest in motor sport with members such as Howard Bryan and Gary Lancashire having been and currently involved in racing Tuscans, I will be looking for the support to continue. The Lanc’s region also has a large number of lady members who attend the regular monthly meetings and who organise a number of non-male events, which I am sure will continue! As we all know clubs are about the members and the level of involvement from the members determines its success. Lancs as a region as always enjoyed a high level of involvement by its members and I hope this will continue and grow. I am looking forward to my time as RO and will be coming up with new events for members to get involved, along with supporting our local nominated children’s charity.


Photo of meeting venue Meeting Time & Venue:
3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm
Fairfield Arms
(Junction 3 M55)
Fleetwood Road,

Venue website

Region website:

Region forum:
Blackpool Forum


Photo of RO RO Contact Details:
David Welton and James Taylor
Tel: DW= 01772 671549 JT= 07725 326917
Forum username: DW= welly1 James Taylor= tangerine147
RO since: DW from Jan 2010
Primary RO: Dave Welton I have been a petrol head all my life and owned most of the cars that we ‘Baby Boomers’ yearned after. In my distant past I used to compete in night, road rallies in a very quick Mini Cooper and of all my old cars, that is the one I wish I had kept.I first came into contact with TVRs when I visited the factory with a team of Aerospace Design engineers as part of our policy of meeting and linking with local industries. I left a changed man, hooked on the shape and the sound of the cars. After a good few years and following a health scare, which really does focus the mind, I read a magazine featuring the T350. I fell in love with the shape and especially the vented rear panel and said to my wife Ann, “I think I will get one.” That was the moment my second childhood began! I joined the Blackpool Region in late 2004 and enjoyed the runs out and social life that was associated with the club. By then I had taken early retirement and having some spare time I volunteered to manage the Blackpool Region Website. This brought me into contact with the R.O. John Mleczek and I just sort of fell into organising a few events and helping in running the region. John has recently had to stand down because of work commitments so here I am. Somewhere along the way I have also acquired a 350SE and a half share of a Tasmin racecar, which we are going to use for track days and Sprints. I guess now whichever way you cut me I bleed TVR! So that’s me now for the region. Right from my first visit to the club I have found the members very friendly and helpful and they have all become a big part of my life. We try to organise something for everyone and as well as the usual social events, runs out and visits to local shows etc, we now organise at least one long weekend away every year. Our most recent trips being to Scotland and the Isle of Man. The membership seems to grow steadily and the new blood brings new ideas and long may it continue. Any regrets? Only that I wished I had bought a TVR and joined the Blackpool region sooner!

Isle of Man

Photo of meeting venue Meeting Time & Venue:
Variable - please contact the RO for details


Photo of RO RO Contact Details:
Peter Fisher
Tel: 01624 67503

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